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Bill Roper's Journal
How Did *That* Happen? 
10th-Aug-2017 11:22 pm
Looking at the baseball standings for the NL Central, I am rather surprised to find that the Cardinals are in second place, only a game behind the Cubs -- two in the loss column. In fact, the Cubs, Cards, and the Brewers (who are in third, two games back) all have the same number of wins. This is to the Cubs advantage, since they could win the games that they have in hand, but the Cardinals are still much more in the race than I thought they would be at this point.

I guess we'll see what happens.
23rd-Sep-2017 03:44 pm (UTC) - How Did *That* Happen? 
How’d that happen?
I thought the Cardinals were pretty much eliminated from playoff contention this season. Ultimately, I thought that the only team the Cubs had to worry about eliminating was the Brewers.
That’s what I thought until last night. The Cubs beat Milwaukee; however, the Cardinals also managed to win—something that shouldn’t have happened whatsoever. We should’ve been easily moving up the clinching ladder to the number 4.
I guess that’s not what was meant to be.
Today’s Cubs game’s at noon on FOX. I have no clue what time the Cardinals play; however, I really hope they end up losing—we end up continuing our winning ways. It doesn’t matter if the game goes back and forth the way it did the last two nights. That’s exactly what made it so exciting to watch.
If I’m out this afternoon, I may miss part of the game; however, I sure hope not. I am hoping to be able to catch much of a victorious championship team’s win yet again. Even if it’s a close one like the last couple nights, that’s the biggest delight.
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