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Bill Roper's Journal
This, That, and a Trip to First Place 
12th-Aug-2017 10:28 pm
In the top of the news, the Cardinals have won eight games in a row and find themselves in a virtual tie for first place in the NL Central with the Cubs.

In other news, no one on the North Side of Chicagoland is speaking to me. :)

I have backed up the critical files on the studio computer preparatory to reloading the OS. After doing that, I discovered that the Windows 10 Creators Update has a new feature that will reload the entire OS, boot out all of the installed non-Windows applications, and leave your files intact.

I am, nevertheless, happy to have spent the time backing up the files.

But think about it! An OS that is so wonderfully stable that it now comes with its own built-in option to reload itself to clean up the trash that it's left lying around while leaving your files intact.

It's sort of the neutron bomb of operating system functions.

Windows 10 -- what an OS!

Ah, and we had the first serious softball practice for fall ball today. It went very well. Yay!

And Katie got her hair cut much shorter today.

That's the news. Time for bed!
27th-Apr-2018 03:18 pm (UTC) - This, That, and a Trip to First Place

The Cardinals couldn’t win last night.
A 1-0 shutout was handed to them by the Cubs in a game that didn’t go a full three hours.
“Cubs, win!” cried the announcers excitedly after the final out had been recorded.
I’m so glad I stayed up to see that.
I would love to see that happen again this afternoon. The beauty is the weather is super nice for another victory. I say we sweep the Brewers right out of town.
“I’m rooting for the Cubs now,” my mom had commented to a facebook post.
“What about Dad?” I asked.
No answer yet, but the next thing I remember my mom saying was “That was a good game.”
Cardinals abd Brewers may be in 1st play, only for new. I know that’s only going to end up changing after today’s game.
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