Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

This and That

daisy_knotwise and I came up with an idea for another sketch over breakfast, which I'm discussing with Sam (since he and I have a good handle on these characters, having played them before). Gretchen headed off to meet Steve S. for lunch, while I went to Sam's Club to buy bagels and a newspaper (and a CD, DVD, and a set of sheets); then to Home Depot to buy a new fluorescent bulb (yes) and a switched extension cord (no); so then to Menard's, which had both the cord and an 8% off everything sale, leading to the purchase of a new halogen torchiere to replace the bum one in the dining room and a CO detector for the basement (since we never have had one).

I've now wired the remote speakers in the library to the switched cord so that we can move Rolf and Mary's bookcase to its final resting spot and have just filled it with paperback books.

Next, it's off to the basement studio with the CO detector. (Some of these performers just emit a lot of carbon monoxide, I guess...)
Tags: home, spacetime

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