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Bill Roper's Journal
Goodbye, Old Paint 
2nd-Sep-2017 07:02 pm
So the way the project went was this:

We had the roof redone early this summer. They were able to remove the old skylight in the bathroom and replace it with a light pipe, because we had discovered in the intervening 20 years since the house was built that a skylight over the shower is a magnet for condensation in cold weather and that is followed by all manner of beasties growing there that we did not want.

But the fellows doing the roof don't do interior work. So we hired a contractor through a friend who came in, did the necessary drywall work, and made sure that the light pipe lens was correctly affixed to the new drywall.

Cleverly, I told him that I could paint the ceiling myself.

Today, we finally painted the ceiling in the bathroom. This was a bit more of an adventure than I might have hoped, but the fact that Katie really wanted to help and is tall enough to stand on the vanity and do the edging work over the lights there was a great aid in getting this done.

We still need to remove the masking tape and put everything back, but -- for all practical purposes -- this project is finally done.
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