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Bill Roper's Journal
VMs and Softball 
21st-Sep-2017 10:50 pm
I have now been assigned a new VM at work on a physical server of a type that actually works with ClearCase. The investigation of why the other type of server is not working with ClearCase continues, but it is -- at least for now -- a matter of academic interest on my part rather than urgent need. Now, I just need to get the new VM configured, which is going to take days of installing software and source.

Meanwhile, Katie's team had a scrimmage against the other Des Plaines girls team today. Katie acquitted herself well, throwing out a runner at first from right field for the unusual 9-3 putout (looked like Kolten Wong out there :) ), walking, and lining a ball to right field for a two-run single with the bases loaded. (It might have been a double, but the runner on first stopped at second.)

Katie even caught an inning and didn't look too shabby back behind the plate.

(One of the other girls caught for what I think was the first time this season. She looked really good back there and it turns out that she likes to catch. The things you find out a few weeks into the season...)
22nd-Sep-2017 03:31 pm (UTC)
My sister got put behind the plate one summer when she was about 10 and never left, except as a relief pitcher. She caught HS fastpitch as well as summer slo-pitch, and wore 24 (Lance Parrish) all the way through her HS career.
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