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Bill Roper's Journal
Orville, Round Three 
22nd-Sep-2017 04:18 pm
The third episode of The Orville aired last night.

After we were done watching it, Gretchen turned to me and said (roughly, it was late, so my quote may be a bit off), "That was far more nuanced than I would expect to see on network television."

Um, guys? Against all odds, they are actually doing good SF.

Y'all might consider watching this before it gets cancelled for lack of viewers...
24th-Sep-2017 11:22 pm (UTC)
I did watch this episode, my first, and my reaction was more like, "That was far more nuanced than I would expect to see on a Seth Macfarlane show." They do get points from me for raising a moral dilemma that was genuinely interesting, and for ending it in a way I didn't expect.

That said, I just didn't see enough to lift it on to my "record" list. I found the characterization thin and the dialog a bit clunky. The revelation of the surprise witness was too pat. And almost all the humor fell flat.

It may be interesting to contrast it with tonight's premiere of "Discovery".
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