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Bill Roper's Journal
The Last Night of Summer 
26th-Sep-2017 10:42 pm
Tonight was the last night of summer.

Yes, I know that the calendar says that happened last Friday. But the calendar lies. A fortuitous and unusual twist in the jet stream has brought us bonus summer, more summer than we actually had in late August, when the temperatures were much cooler.

I'll take it, even if it does make it just a bit challenging for the girls playing softball.

This was the last night of bonus summer. The cold front is coming through tonight and our string of ninety degree days is coming to an end. I realized that and called home as I left tonight's Windycon meeting, saying "Oh, Gretchen. Get the girls ready to go out, because it is the last day of summer and we should go have frozen custard on this last incredibly warm night." Or words to that effect.

And when I got home, we piled into the minivan and went out for custard.

Now it is time to go to sleep.

And tomorrow, summer will be over.
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