Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Holiday Morning

It is Columbus Day and Katie and Julie are off from school today. I am not off from work, although this is not going to stop me from going down to Wrigley Field for today's Cubs / Nationals playoff game. And because of when I'm leaving for the game, breakfast was a good idea.

So I trundled off to Ted's and returned with soda for me and coffee for Gretchen. Everyone else still being either asleep or in the shower, when I got home I found Ruby the Dog still in her kennel. It's a beautiful day, so I opened the back door wide, walked over and released the hound.

She walked out, stretched her legs, went out the back door and sat on the edge of the patio. Then she stood, turned, and pointed off toward the fence on her left, trembling. And like a shot, she was off, chasing the squirrel, who bounced up and over the fence.


Well, now I understand why the fence falls down. That's a lot of kinetic energy that the dog imparts to the fence...

Anyway, I watched her run around the yard on squirrel patrol. I turned and walked away from the door.

And Ruby shot into the house past me, grabbed her ball, dropped it at my feet, and ran back outside.

Ok, girl. I will throw the ball for you.

At least it is easier for you to catch than the squirrel.
Tags: dogs, home, kids, musings

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