Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

My Dog Is a Slow Learner

So you remember a while back when Ruby the Dog encountered a skunk?

Tonight, Ruby met another skunk. And proceeded to play with it and bark at it for about two hours starting around 10 PM. I am surprised that no one called the police.

We tried to get her to come in, but she was stubbornly resistant to the idea, as she chased the skunk (who was too stupid to go under the fence) around the yard. We, meanwhile, were damned if we were going to go down there and try to haul her in.

When Gretchen called me to tell me what was going on, I surveyed the situation, realized that Ruby wasn't coming in, and drove over to Walgreens to pick up more hydrogen peroxide before they closed.

Finally, I called to Ruby and she came in and ran to the downstairs bathroom for a drink, because two hours of skunk chasing is thirsty work. I closed the door to trap the smelly dog in there and went to mix the peroxide solution, which Gretchen is now applying to our uncharacteristically stupid dog.

Ruby, why did you think this was a good idea?
Tags: dogs, home, musings

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