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Bill Roper's Journal
The Printer Is Nailed To Its Perch 
22nd-Nov-2017 10:00 pm
I am not sure exactly how old our elderly HP Color Laserjet 2840 is. I know that it's on at least its second drum (nearly at end of life) and that I installed that back in 2007. (Or so the printer tells me.)

In the last week, it started making a bad noise. Today, it refused to print anything. After some substantial scanning on line and over an hour spent uninstalling and reinstalling toner cartridges, it was now ready to print, as opposed to stubbornly refusing to print.

Unfortunately, all that it prints are blank pages.

This may be repairable, but it is beyond my ability to handle and not worth consigning to a repair shop to have fixed.

Anybody want an old printer to tinker with?
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