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Bill Roper's Journal
And Then There Was the New Printer 
28th-Nov-2017 10:56 pm
I do not know why this particular model of HP printer was on such good sale, but it was. And since my previous HP Color LaserJet no longer wanted to print, it seemed like a good time to get the replacement.

So I now have a smaller, lighter -- I was able to carry it up the stairs by myself -- multi-function color laser printer for which there are actually modern drivers available. Installing it was remarkably simple, especially as compared to some of the gyrations that I've gone through to install all of the non-printing functionality of the old printer.

And it is so much faster. :)
29th-Nov-2017 06:38 am (UTC) - Which model did you get?
I'd been eyeing the m477fdw, though it's more printer than I need...
29th-Nov-2017 04:03 pm (UTC) - Re: Which model did you get?
That would, in fact, be the one that I got. At $399, it's way too good of a buy.
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