Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Recycling Achievement Unlocked!

Having loaded the old, really heavy laser printer into the back of the van when Jeff was here on Sunday, we took advantage of e-Waste day over at the city recycling center to get rid of everything else that had been sitting around waiting to leave the premises. This included:

  • A DVD/VCR combo from which the magic smoke had escaped.
  • A power strip in the same condition
  • A bunch of dead computer mice
  • Several questionable PS/2 keyboards
  • Three obsolete credit card terminals
  • Assorted dead batteries
  • Two dead or dying LCD monitors
  • An old small fluorescent tube

    I have more stuff that I need to throw out, but it didn't qualify for the e-Waste disposal, so it will just end up in the trash. Some is broken; some is just thoroughly obsolete.

    However, if I get rid of enough stuff, I will have more places to put the other stuff that is scattered about. :)
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