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Bill Roper's Journal
Recycling Achievement Unlocked! 
29th-Nov-2017 11:54 am
Having loaded the old, really heavy laser printer into the back of the van when Jeff was here on Sunday, we took advantage of e-Waste day over at the city recycling center to get rid of everything else that had been sitting around waiting to leave the premises. This included:

  • A DVD/VCR combo from which the magic smoke had escaped.
  • A power strip in the same condition
  • A bunch of dead computer mice
  • Several questionable PS/2 keyboards
  • Three obsolete credit card terminals
  • Assorted dead batteries
  • Two dead or dying LCD monitors
  • An old small fluorescent tube

    I have more stuff that I need to throw out, but it didn't qualify for the e-Waste disposal, so it will just end up in the trash. Some is broken; some is just thoroughly obsolete.

    However, if I get rid of enough stuff, I will have more places to put the other stuff that is scattered about. :)
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