Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

On the Drift

I have just finished porting a big chunk of code from our Java implementation back to our C++ implementation.

I swear that the thing that will kill me is the continuing drift between the two implementations. There are many lovely new methods that I have coded in Java that had to be ported back to C++ so that I could call them there. And in Java, it's an OK thing to return a List<Something>. In C++, you want to create a CArray<Something*> and pass the reference into the method that in Java is returning a List<Something>. So the method signatures get screwy as you copy code back and forth. And "." turns into "->" or vice versa.

Eventually, I also need to clean up the variant versions of the camelCasing between the two implementations so that the old C++ IsSomething() ends up being the Java-style isSomething() on both sides of the great divide. As it is, the Java code is partially converted to the new style, as is the C++ code. But not all of the same methods have been converted on both sides.

And then there is "const". I love "const" in C++. I don't have it in Java. But I have immutable classes there that I don't have in my C++ implementation.

All of this is a recipe for a great thumping headache.
Tags: c++, java, musings, work

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