Bill Roper's Journal
Conspicuously Consumed 
1st-Dec-2017 05:33 pm
Yes, I know. You've heard some of this before. And here I am again.

I would really like to buy myself a new car. It has been 13 years since I replaced my car, which is roughly double the longest time that I have owned a car before.

However, I have my 2005 Ford Five Hundred which is in annoyingly good shape. It has 95K miles on it, four new tires last year, an aftermarket radio to support hands-free calling, and the only thing that I know is wrong with it is that the sunglasses holder in the overhead console broke so that I had to glue it back together, which means it will stay closed, but not if you try opening it again. (This could be fixed with a $35 part, but the install is just complex enough that I haven't bothered.)

I am not sure how long this car will run, but it shows no signs of wanting to stop. The whole thing was designed by the Volvo engineers who worked at Ford at the time and it wears like a Volvo.

If I had a friend who needed an (apparently) reliable car and was willing to pay a reasonable price for it with easy 0% seller financing, I would feel much better about buying myself a new car. But I hate to let this perfectly good car go off to someone that I don't know when the alternative is to not buy a new car and keep driving what I'm driving.

Decisions, decisions...
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