Bill Roper's Journal
Cubs Lose! Cubs Lose! (Thunderbirds Win!) 
17th-Aug-2003 06:56 pm
Gretchen and I set out early for Wrigley Field this morning to watch the Cubs/Dodgers game. Early, because we had reservations at the Stadium Club for brunch, courtesy of our friend and audio pusher, Disco Bob. We hadn't realized this until Bob bought a membership a couple of years ago with his season tickets, but there's quite a buffet up there before the game. On Sunday mornings, they have brunch. Lots of brunch. In my case, an omelet, sausage, bacon, bagel, potatoes, beef loin, barbeque chicken salad, caesar salad, and a nice piece of carrot cake. (Don't tell my doctor.)

Today, the Cubs had no offense and lost 3-0. As the game went on and got more painful for the Cubs fans, the Air and Water Show further down the lakefront provided a pleasant distraction as the Air Force's Thunderbirds team buzzed the field repeatedly as they set up for their next run down the lakeshore. There were more cheers for the Thunderbirds than for the Cubs.

Of course, the Thunderbirds had a better day.
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