Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

More Car Notes

It looks like the problem with the voice dialing was simply a problem with getting the car to suck all of the contacts in from my phone. We'll see if that continues to keep the problem solved.

More on the purchase: I went through the Sam's Club car buying service, which now goes through TrueCar. This referred me to three different dealers and qualified me for an extra $500 rebate from Ford. I was orignally looking at Escapes and when getting price quotes was promised about $3000 sticker by the first dealer, $4000 off sticker by the second dealer, and $5000 off sticker by the third dealer.

I went to the third dealer where I test drove an Escape. I liked the car just fine, except that it will not hold my guitar case straight across the back and I was convinced that there really wasn't going to be enough room for two little (but getting rapidly larger!) girls in the back seat without an unending series of complaints. As the big kid trapped in the back of my Dad's Dodge Charger, I have some sympathy for this problem.

So two weeks later, I went back to test drive an Edge. I had test driven one before and had not been entirely happy with the seats. My conclusion during this test drive was that the problem was not so much with seats as with my trying to figure out where to put my head in a car with the "panoramic vista roof" that takes out two inches of space that I really need for headroom.

By the time I left the dealership, they had located a car that matched well enough what I had been looking for. I had been pessimistic, but there it was. The next day, they mailed me a price that -- including $2500 worth of rebates -- came in at $6200 off the sticker price. This worked for me.

The whole thing was a very pleasant experience and if you need a recommendation for a Ford dealer, ping me and I'll point you in that direction.

But run the request through TrueCar (and maybe Sam's Club) first, as that seems to trip off all sorts of interesting pricing. :)
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