Bill Roper's Journal
29th-Dec-2017 11:55 pm
Having seen the trailer -- and shown it to Katie -- I suggested that we get up early this morning and catch a matinee of the Jumanji remake / sequel. She concurred; Julie demurred and stayed home with Mom.

The movie is an absolute hoot. It's sort of like The Breakfast Club falls into a video game. It's obvious that whoever was involved in the scripting loves those old adventure games. Every trope you might want to see is present.

And it's laugh-out-loud funny.

Is it a great movie? Well, no. There are darned few great movies. But it is a fun movie with no major flaws, which makes it worth three stars on my own rating scale. And the cast was obviously having fun with the parts.

Worth catching, even if you aren't paying matinee prices. :)
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