Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

There Are Days When I Want to Strangle Amazon

So it's like this.

Julie's old Android tablet was failing, so I bought her an Amazon Fire tablet which is (naturally) registered to my account. This was fine for about a month until today, when I realized that she could buy anything that she wanted to on my credit card. Not so good.

Mind you, she hadn't bought anything on the card yet, which was good. So I poked around and turned on parental controls.

Now, she cannot download any new apps -- even free ones! -- to the tablet without coming to me or Gretchen for the password. And she can no longer access Alexa.

This has made her very upset.

Honestly, I would not care if she accessed Alexa or downloaded free apps -- she can make queries of the other Alexa devices in the house all day, so it's not like she's protected from anything. But using parental controls disables both of these functions and appears to be the only way to keep my credit card locked up.

The phrase "designed by rat bastards" comes to mind.
Tags: computers, home, kids, musings, tech

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