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Bill Roper's Journal
Once More With Feeling 
5th-Jan-2018 07:41 pm
This afternoon, Gretchen sent me down to the studio with instructions to finish The Grim Roper.

Maybe I have. Maybe not. I'll know more after I give the CD a listen in a couple of different environments.

But I have recorded yet another version of the troublesome vocal track for "Dream Rider" that I believe to be satisfactory -- once I got the levels set correctly, because you can't actually check your own levels when you're in the recording booth and operating as your own engineer! Nor can you adjust them without running back and forth. But five takes later...

Plugins have been replugged. Levels have been adjusted.

And of course things were delayed by downloading updates. The maintenance updates for Cubase and Melodyne. Reinstalling the software for the iPad remote. And the required reboot, which then caused Windows 10 to take over the machine and start installing its updates.

And I still have to adjust all the fades, but that can wait until I am sure that these are the right WAV files. :)

CDs are burning. We'll see how they sound.
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