Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Odds and Ends

The sciatica continues to be annoying, although it is manifesting itself in different ways at different times. Going down the stairs is clearly not being one of my favorite things. In any case, I stayed at home today and gave things a chance to rest up.

This didn't stop me from going back down to the studio where the sciatica attack originated and sitting there very carefully as I fixed up four tracks that had seemed to need adjustment when I listened to them. And then I discovered that I had a series of minor technical errors in the mixdown, so I had to reopen every song, make a couple of small adjustments, save the change, and drop the mixdown out again. I still have to clean up the fade-in and fade-outs, but that will wait until I'm sure the mix is right.

Meanwhile, Julie popped a fever last night and spent a very quiet day recovering. She will probably not go back to school tomorrow, but we'll see how she is in the morning.

Katie has band practice early tomorrow morning. At her mother's suggestion, she has assembled the things that she needs for practice, none of which were where they were supposed to be, so finding them now instead of watching the goat rodeo tomorrow morning turned out to be an excellent idea.

And tomorrow, I go back to work after two weeks off. I have been monitoring my email and am expecting the avalanche tomorrow.

We'll see.
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