Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Less Of A Pain In The Butt

My sciatica broke abruptly yesterday and I was suddenly able to move my right leg in various directions without shooting pains. This was immensely pleasing, as you might imagine.

Today was the first day that I didn't dose up on naproxen in the morning in quite a while. My abused hip has some minor complaints about the abuse that it's been put through recently, but this is really nothing. I just have to be careful now.

I have spent a good chunk of the last two days working on artwork for The Grim Roper and What's a Hoosier?, both of which I hope to send to the CD duplicator shortly. Gretchen has given the master for the former a good listen and requested some minor changes to three tracks, which I hope to get to soon, although possibly not before Confusion this weekend.

But we'll see. Progress is being made.
Tags: dodeka, filk, health, home, musings

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