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Bill Roper's Journal
Time To Buy Another Cable 
25th-Jan-2018 09:27 pm
So it's like this. Whenever you get a new piece of gear, you end up getting more cables. Sometimes, you end up getting fewer cables than you actually ended up needing. So now I have placed an order with Amazon for another long USB cable in addition to the previous long USB cable, USB powered extension cable, and powered USB hub that I already ordered.

Looking at the studio setup, I also need to move the baby speakers on top of the big ones (which is probably a better place for them, given how the console is shaking out and how it was already configured). Then I need to grab the piece of leftover oak plywood out in the garage and screw a couple of pieces of two by four to it to convert it into a very short table to drop on the console surface. This will allow me to move the control surfaces on top of the table and push them back about four inches while I run the cables for the Big Knob and the new knob-ridden control surface underneath the table to the devices that will now sit in front of the assembly.

I believe the phrase for this is "piece of cake".

We'll see how it goes this weekend.

(It is a sign of how busy that I've been that the new piece of gear arrived over the weekend while I was at Confusion and I just got it unboxed in the studio tonight. *sigh*)
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