Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Rehearsal and a Bonus Crisis

Today was the first rehearsal for the talent show at the girls' school. Both girls are in the show and I'm running the audio tech this year, so we headed over around 5:30 to help get things rolling. The rehearsal went well -- well enough that the length of the slots for each act in rehearsal is being reduced for subsequent sessions, which means we'll all get done earlier. But all of the tech has now been debugged (for the first half of the show) and I know which pieces of gear are working and which aren't, so tomorrow will be smoother.

Meanwhile, when I was up on stage moving around speakers to try to determine whether it was the speaker or the cable that was bad (it was the cable), my phone rang. It was Gretchen. It seems that Ruby the Dog had managed to find one of the large fence nails that had somehow escaped our efforts to police the yard -- or that perhaps had just now worked its way loose -- and had embedded it in her left front paw. She and Ruby were off to the emergency vet.

They were not quite done there when rehearsal wrapped up. I took the girls and ordered pizza as we had agreed to do, picked it up, and took it and them home. Gretchen arrived home about twenty minutes after we did with a groggy looking Ruby in tow. (Ruby, it seems, was having nothing of the vet removing that nail from her paw while she was conscious, so a bit of sedation was in order. She also appeared to have gotten into something she was allergic to earlier in the day, so this meant that she got bonus antihistamines just to add to the groggy fest.)

Ruby, after wandering into the backyard to answer nature's call, was happy to crawl into bed.

We will now do the same.
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