Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Post-Capricon Malaise

I do have to congratulate the Capricon board for having selected this weekend for the convention instead of last weekend. Last weekend, the weather was abysmal and snowy. This weekend was warmer and only intermittently snowy.

Today, it turned warm and rained all day, melting most of the remaining snow. Our backyard is a quagmire. Ruby the Dog is a walking (and running) machine for creating muddy footprints everywhere.

The cleaning lady is coming tomorrow. Mopping will be an exercise in futility.

Meanwhile, Katie was sick today with a minor tummy bug. Gretchen may have a touch of it as well. Happily, today and tomorrow are days off from school. Heck, I even got President's Day off today.

Tomorrow, there will be chaos. :)
Tags: capricon, cons, dogs, home, kids, musings, weather, work

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