Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Man vs. Technology

Katie is in the middle of putting together a multi-media presentation for school. This means that she has pleaded and wheedled and borrowed my iPad so that she can use iMovie to put it together.

She also wanted to do green screen work as part of this, using some of the tools available at school. So we found an appropriate green tablecloth and I rigged it across the bookcases in the living room using -- appropriately enough -- the books on the shelves to hold it securely in place.

Then we discovered that Katie did not actually have her presentation memorized. Nor had she prepared note cards. And she really didn't want to work from note cards. What she wanted was a teleprompter. She had set up her tablet for this purpose, but it was way too small to read from at any distance.

And I looked at the 42 inch television sitting on its cart in the living room.

Of course, that is the oldest TV in the house. It is not a smart TV. But I had the Roku units that I had disconnected from the various TVs when the girls had managed to raise misbehavior to a high art. So off to my office, where I recovered the Roku box that had been attached to this TV. Hooked it back up, fired up the TV, grabbed Katie's tablet, and told it to screencast to the Roku.

Well, it saw the Roku. It just refused to connect. Lousy Lenovo product.

My phone, on the other hand...

So I found the installed Google Drive on my phone, fired it up, and handed it to Katie so that she could sign in, load up her presentation from where it was saved on Google Drive, and then screencast from my phone to the Roku.

And with Gretchen scrolling the text on the phone, it made a lovely teleprompter.

You know, presentations were simpler when I was a kid.
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