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Bill Roper's Journal
One Down, One to Go 
8th-Apr-2018 10:44 pm
I've uploaded everything for The Grim Roper to the duplicator. I'll upload everything for What's a Hoosier? tomorrow. Then, as soon as they process my retail license so that they don't charge sales tax, I can charge everything to my credit card and get this project on the road.

That will, most likely, be after I return from freezing at Opening Day at Wrigley Field.

It's funny. Several weeks ago, I told Gretchen that I knew what the weather would be like on April 9th. Cold and miserable, I said.

The forecast for tomorrow (as of tonight): Cold and miserable.

Sadly, this does not make me a qualified meteorologist.

Just a realist.
12th-Apr-2018 03:29 pm (UTC) - One Down, One to Go

One Down, One to Go
What an awesome game last night!
One win down, hopefully one more against the Pirates before kicking them out of Wrigley Field.
I missed the majority of the excitement because my boyfriend and I were also attempting to keep up with Law & Order: SVU and Chicago PD on NBC. When a good game is going on and new episodes of some of your favorite TV shows at the same time, it’s extremely difficult to watch either in its entirety.
Quire the night!
So sorry we missed it.
“Go, Cubs” is the statement that is being echoed via facebook statuses from many of my contacts who have been posting score updates.
I wonder if today’s game, though an afternoon matinee, is going to result in good bombs like last night.
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