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Bill Roper's Journal
Packing It In 
18th-Apr-2018 10:34 pm
I'm trying to wrap up a number of things before FilkONtario. I've fixed a bunch of bugs at work. I've printed out a bunch of things at home.

I am convinced that I am going to forget something.

I am probably right...
19th-Apr-2018 07:03 pm (UTC) - Packing It In

Good afternoon! It’s finally good for baseball. It’s not snowing anymore, and it looks like all the snow that fell yesterday and last night has melted in such a hurry.
“Go, Cubs!” could be heard around our building at breakfast.
“Today’s game isn’t going to happen,” I heard someone say.
“I haven’t heard anythink of the sort,” was my answer.
“I hope we will finally win,” Sean said.
Yep, that’s right. I wonder what
The game started not too long ago. By the looks of the field, it’s a nice and bright day. All we have to do out of the start is strike the Cardinals out, which looks like it’s possible. I mean Baez just did a double-play number. Ultimately, I don’t think the Cardinals are going to get many runs.
“1-0 Cardinals, “ the announcer on WGN just said.
Not good.
I don’t believe it. The bah Cardinals scored their first run with no hits whatsoever.
Now that it’s the bottom of the 1st inning, I hope we can do some heavy hitting.
“Five game winning streak”, the announcers just said, referring to how well the Cardinals are doing.
I think we should snap that streak this afternoon.
“Baez is going to try for a triple,” the announcer said.
And he did.
He made it with no problem.
“2-1 Cubs.
Wow! That was a quick turn-around.
“Cubs with 4 hits and 2 runs in the 1st inning,” was just said by the announcer.
Yet, he should’ve just kept quiet.
“3-1,” he cried.
It sure looks like the good weather is working to our advantage so far, and it’s only just 2:00.
Stay tuned for another Cubs update from me if we manage to win this afternoon.
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