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Bill Roper's Journal
20th-Apr-2018 11:34 pm
We have survived the trip to the new hotel. No thanks to MapQuest, which seemed to understand the concept of avoiding tolls until I actually printed out the directions so that would I them for the trip.

Ah well. We're here. :)
21st-Apr-2018 03:50 pm (UTC) - Tag!

You’re it, Cubbies! You’re being chased by the Colorado Rockies at Cooer’s Field.
“Cubs win!”
I know that’s what the announcers were probably screaming at the top of their voices around 11 last night.
Needless to say, me and Sean ended up missing the end of the exciting game.
12-4 was the last score that I remember him telling me before we both ended up falling asleep to the news.
“The game’s good as done,” I had said after he last reported the score to me.
“We’ve got this,” he said.
I don’t know who or when the monster amount of runs hit; however, the 7th inning was when we both saw the score of 12-4.
“There’s absolutely NO way Colorado can come back from a deficit like this against the Cubs,” I said,laughing, “especially not this late into a blow-out.”
“I don’t think so, either,” Sean said.laughing.

I wonder if tonight’s game is going to go the same way. At one point last night, it began to rain a bit.
“What do they do in a case like this?” Sean asked me.
“If it’s beyond the fifth inning, it’s an official one,” I said. “Usually, they can call it with the score as it is, if the weather is bad enough and dangerous enough.. But, if it’s only sprinkling, especially late in the match, the game will continue without any delays.
Tonight is an earlier start, and I hope that it means another victory for us. Although the Rockies are currently in 2nd place in their division, nothing would make me happier than to watch them crumble to their knees yet again. That made me and Sean laugh for hours because it seem like our hot bats just kept coming without ceasing whatsoever.
Congratlations, Cubbies on a wonderful game.
“Ehat was the final score last night?” I had to ask someone because we fell asleep, missing the remainder of the game.
“16-5,” Gary answered.
You can ultimately say, a football score was the end result of last night’s crazy game.
“Hahaha,” I laughed.
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