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Bill Roper's Journal
Saturday In the Park 
28th-Apr-2018 05:19 pm
We had softball practice for both girls this morning, so Gretchen took Katie off to her practice, while I took Julie off to the practice that I am responsible for running. Things went well on our end (and apparently on Katie's as well), the weather being warmer than expected. I borrowed a batting tee for our practice to give the girls some work on their swing before bringing them on the field for live pitching from me. I think this was a good idea. :) And I have a not-borrowed batting tee arriving from Amazon Monday.

I need to finish up some code for work. That would normally be possible, except that it is a maintenance weekend and the remote servers are down. Oh.

Maybe I should have fun instead, it being the weekend...
29th-Apr-2018 04:01 pm (UTC) - Saturday In the Park

Saturday In the Park

Yesterday was a good day for a Cubs game. Althrhough it was chilly, the Cubs managed to get the job done.
It took a few innings to break the scoreless deadlock, though.
“Scoreless after 1.”
“Scoreless after 2.”
“Cubs lead 1-0 in the fifth inning,” the announcers finally said.
It took them long enough; however
To top it off, 3-0 was the final score, and I believe that came in the seventh inning. That score actually managed to hold up for the remainder of the afternoon with absolutely NO trouble whatsoever. The only thing Milwaukee was able to do was get guys on base; however, they couldn’t do anything more.
I would love to see yet another victory this afternoon.
“We’re going to lunch,” Sean informed me sometime after ten. I guess he doesn’t want to be around for the crazy menu.
I hope we make it back in time for the game. I would very much like to see a fourth win in a row.
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