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Bill Roper's Journal
Less Than Perfect Timing 
4th-Jul-2018 11:14 pm
The one problem with holidays that are tied to a fixed date rather than being allowed to float -- take, for example, Independence Day -- is that it will eventually land on a Wednesday, neatly bisecting the week.

I appreciate the day off, but it's hard to get up much of a head of steam, especially when the weather outdoors is one big head of steam. Nevertheless, things were accomplished today.

  • Katie and I walked with the Des Plaines Girls Softball group in the town's Fourth of July parade.
  • Katie, Gretchen, and I cleaned the kitchen and isolated and disposed of the source of the godawful smell.
  • While cleaning the kitchen, we bundled up 16 grocery bags full of grocery bags and took them back to the store for recycling.
  • I grilled some nice steaks for dinner.
  • We watched the new episode of Steven Universe.

    And now, we are going to bed. :)
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