Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Last of Coach Pitch

Today was the All-Star game, where I got to be the head coach as our team had won the division. I asked the other coaches in the division where their girls should play and arranged the lineup accordingly, setting things up so that all of the pitchers would have a chance to pitch, even if that meant changing pitchers in mid-inning. This worked almost perfectly. Sadly, the umpire was late, the game started late, and the umpire seemed in a hurry to leave, so we ended up losing in 4 1/2 innings by a score of 6-5 and the girl scheduled to pitch the fifth inning for us didn't get in. (I apologized to her. She was ok with it.)

But the girls played well, had a good time, and that's what counts.

The All-Star game, Bud Selig notwithstanding, is an exhibition game. :)

But this was my last responsibility as a coach at the 3/4 level in our league. At the 5/6 level, where both Katie and Julie will play next year, coaches no longer get to pitch to their team in the game in lieu of walks. (And there can be a lot of walks!)

I will miss coach pitch. It was fun when I threw a fat one and one of the girls took full advantage of it.

Ah, well. There's always batting practice. :)
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