Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

All-Stars Redux

The Des Plaines tourney All-Star team played its first game tonight. It could have gone better, but the girls were playing a more experienced tourney-dedicated team (which is a concept that seems more like a travel team than a house league All-Star team to me, but perhaps that's just me) who had already played under the tourney rules, which are largely a preview of what the girls will see in the next age group up next year.

All that considered, they did pretty well and improved as the game went along.

Tomorrow's game will, no doubt, go better, but I will not be there to see it, as Gretchen and I have tickets for the Jimmy Buffett concert down at Wrigley Field.

So we will be working on our License to Chill tomorrow while the girls are playing.

I wish them all good luck!
Tags: home, kids, music, musings, softball

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