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Bill Roper's Journal
In the Absence of Softball 
15th-Jul-2018 10:14 pm
Softball being over, I found that I could make it to today's Capricon meeting. I covered the points that needed to be dealt with for music at the con, then headed off to pick up Katie from her play date. At the grocery store, we picked up ingredients that became an excellent, if not traditional, orange chicken stir fry in Gretchen's hands later in the evening.

Gretchen and I watched the first episode of Take Two this evening, or as some people call it, Reverse Castle. I might say Queen-Side Castle, but I used to play chess. It's an ok series, but it looks like it will not be around long. I think I preferred Deception.

I should also mention, for the benefit of anyone looking for something to watch this summer, that CBS is burning off the remaining episodes of Me, Myself, and I, a series that deserved a better fate. If you're looking for a comedy series that is filled with characters who you might actually like, you should catch this while it remains available. It won't be for very long, I suspect...
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