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Passport to Genre

It is a sign of how busy things are that I'm just getting around to posting this (and the next post) now.

This is the song that we wrote for Katie's fifth grade teacher, Ms. Turner. She has a reading program called "Passport to Genre", which calls for the students to read and report on books from a wide variety of different genres. This was one of the things that Katie liked best, so it made a great topic for the song.

Lyrics: Katie, Bill, and Gretchen Roper
Music: Bill Roper
Copyright 2018

Passport to Genre

I’m going on a trip around the world, there’s so many things to see,
From the penguins in Antarctica to the Statue of Liberty.
But I don’t have a fortune tucked away in some convenient nook.
If I can’t go there in person, I can go there with a book.

I’ve got a passport to genre, living like a millionaire.
I’ve got a passport to genre, ticket to go anywhere.

With history and biography, we look into the past
When suffragettes and civil rights could change the world at last.
In stories of the present day, we see things as they are,
Like how folks live in far off lands and the light from a falling star.

In the world of fantasy, I’ll cast a magic rune,
Then jump to science fiction and go walking on the moon.

I’ve been so many places, I don’t want this trip to end.
I want to curl up in my chair and go around again.
I’ll find my own adventure – I can get it all for free.
I’ve got a card, I’ve got an in at my local library.

(Chorus twice)

Where would you like to go today?
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