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Bill Roper's Journal
First, To Do It, You Unscrew It 
5th-Aug-2018 10:49 am
Hello, and welcome to another episode of Naked Home Repair!

Several weeks ago, Gretchen noticed that one of the doors to the shower stall was sticking when we rolled it on the track and suggested that some fresh lube was in order. I cleaned out the old lube, added some new, and things got better, although not actually good.

A few days, looking carefully down the inside of the track at the outer door as it rolled, I realized that one of the little wheels that was holding it on the track was loose, the screw having worked its way partway out of the hole. So all that needed to be done was to tighten a single screw and the door would be fixed.

There is, of course, no way to tighten that screw without disassembling everything. At least, you can't do it using any tool that I actually own. Maybe the world's smallest adjustable wrench or something like that.

And you really want to have two people to do this. One superman might be able to manage it. I am not that person.

Realizing that Gretchen had not yet escaped downstairs after her shower, I suggested that this would be a good time to take on the project. At this point, I was ready to get in the shower; hence, the title of our show.

I sent Gretchen out to retrieve a screwdriver (since she was dressed), and then I removed the first and then the second screw that held the trim at the top of the shower -- and the track! -- in place. I lifted the doors off the track, told Gretchen to hold them, and then we removed the trim. Each door was lifted out of the groove in the bottom track, the good door passed off to Gretchen, and I went around to the other side of the bad door and tightened up the screw. Perfect!

Now all we had to do was reverse the process.

I lifted the doors into the bottom groove and had Gretchen hold them while I went around to lift the trim back into position. Sadly, it was being balky. Eventually, I had both doors on the upper track, the trim in place, and one screw back in when Gretchen announced that the inner door had slipped off the bottom track. Oops. And the only way to fix that was to unscrew the trim, lift the trim, put the door back in place, and try again.

But the second time was the charm, the doors went onto both tracks, the trim was screwed in place, and the repair was complete.

The doors both rolled freely along the track.

And it was now time for me to take a shower.

Join us for our next episode of Naked Home Repair!

(But not any time soon, I hope.)
5th-Aug-2018 10:09 pm (UTC)
The job would have been easier if somebody taller were helping you. But if somebody taller were helping you, you wouldn't have been naked.
6th-Aug-2018 04:06 am (UTC)
*giggles a lot*
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