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Bill Roper's Journal
Getting a Few Things Done 
8th-Sep-2018 11:28 pm
Today, I got a few things done around the house.

A few weeks ago, I bought a pruning blade for the cordless sawzall. After Katie and I got back from lunch at Red Robin, she headed out with me as we made an assault on various volunteers that had grown up along the fence line and that desperately needed to be taken back a few notches.

And then, we went after the honeysuckle bush -- excuse me, tree -- that we had planted some 20 years ago next to the chimney. This poor bush had grown up huge in every possible direction, through neighboring bushes, and was horribly gnarled. It was time for it to come down. And down it came, with Katie hauling huge branches away to where our lawn service can collect them.

There is still a ginormous stump that we'll talk to the lawn service about dealing with, but the bush is essentially down.

After that, I had promised Katie that I would look for the old Yamaha keyboard in the basement. It was easy to find. The power supply was not. An hour of searching and throwing away various empty, useless boxes did not turn it up. So I have ordered a new power supply that should be here tomorrow.

In and around this, Gretchen, Katie, and I did four loads of laundry. (Mostly Gretchen, giving credit where credit is due.)

And thus was progress made.
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