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Bill Roper's Journal
LG Flagship Phone Is Sinking 
10th-Sep-2018 05:04 pm
So about 18 months ago, I bought a brand-new LG G5 phone to replace my Nexus 5. I'd liked the Nexus 5, they were both built by LG, and I was able to get the LG G5 at the time for cheap, because the LG G6 had just rolled out. Sounds good, right?

Well, maybe not so much.

I plugged the G5 into the wall charger and the phone didn't light up. Hmm. Move it to another socket, check the connections, still no joy. Plug it into a USB charging cable attached to my bedside lamp. Nope.

Ok, let's try rebooting the beast. And now it starts up and produces a message that says "Insert a supported module to turn on your phone".

Ick. The LG G5 had a bunch of swappable modules that you could load at the bottom of the phone. This didn't take off as a concept and neither did the G5. But apparently, the charging module at the bottom of the phone was being very unhappy.

I pulled it out. I cleaned it. I put it back. Several times. And got the same message.

It is now *very* late at night. I search the Internet. It looks like the right thing to do is to get a new charging module. Which is different for *every* service provider.

I bought this phone from Ting. I decide to hope and pray that it is a Sprint phone. I order the matching module, which will not be here until Thursday. I leave the phone disassembled overnight.

This morning, I popped the module and battery back into the phone, plugged it into a wall charger, and powered it up. And look! It is charging!

Via further experimentation, I have discovered that if I reboot the device with a USB cable plugged in, it will figure out that it can charge from the cable. It won't do anything *else* USB-related, but at least it will charge. On Thursday, we will see if the replacement module works.

At the moment, I am rather annoyed that my 18-month old LG G5 is crapping out on me.

Which leads me to the question: If I were to replace this phone with another Android model, what would you recommend that I replace it with that I will find comparable to this G5? I don't want a larger phone, but I do like the screen resolution on this beast. And I want to stay in the Android ecosphere, because I have too many apps to want to start over. Also, I get itchy if I pay more than about $300 for a phone.

I would also like it to work for longer than 18 months...

11th-Sep-2018 03:28 pm (UTC)
In December 2016 (I think) I bought a Moto G4. One factor was that it was CNET's pick at the time for best budget Android phone. (I got it on sale at Costco for under $200.)

I'm mostly happy. The screen resolution is good, the battery life is decent, it uses an unmodified version of Android, and so forth. In recent months, it's developed some quirks, where I often have to re-lock and re-unlock the screen to prevent it from recording phantom touches. That looks like a software issue, so I'm not sure of the cause, or whether some app or combination of apps is causing the problem. So far, my annoyance level isn't high enough to get me to buy a new phone. If I do, I might go for the current model, the Moto G6, which Amazon currently has for $235. (My carrier is T-Mobile, so I can get any unlocked phone.)
11th-Sep-2018 03:32 pm (UTC)
The G6 looks pretty good, as does the X4.
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