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And Back

I had a good time at Chambanacon. I do wish they were in Champaign instead of Springfield, but I've been on hotel search committees and know how much fun it is when you come up dry. I got to spend a goodly amount of time with Bill and Brenda, which was a plus.

Sunday after checkout, I ended up (with help from Brenda and Dave Alway) conducting an impromptu seminar in how to play Tom Smith's "Rocket Ride" -- entertaining, given that I'd never actually played the song all the way through myself. But I mixed it a whole lot. :) And later, I got to play it at the jam, which was a kick.

BTW, for those of you looking for something to nominate for Best Song for next year's Pegasus awards, you could do a lot worse...

Meanwhile, I turned off the radio somewhere north of Bloomington on the way down, started humming and singing at myself, and suddenly discovered that I had two lines of a chorus. Shortly thereafter, I had the whole chorus and had to pull off at an exit so I could write it down on the back of the directions that told where the hotel was. I got to the hotel, ran into Sutton, and made dinner plans for later. Then I went up to the room, pulled out the guitar, and discovered that the song was in the key of C. That never happens!

I wrote two and a fraction verses before dinner; then finished it afterwards and was able to play it at the filk that night.

Saturday after the banquet, I went up to the room, pulled out the guitar to check the tune for the new song, and then started noodling around. Half an hour later, I had another new song which I played at the filk later that night.

Ok, three new songs in a week. I think that's a record.

I may post lyrics later. First, I need to get them into the computer...
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