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Meanwhile, Back on Friday 
30th-Sep-2018 10:19 pm
So when our hero left off, he was driving through rush hour traffic from Oak Park to Lombard, heading for the Windycon meeting.

Now, I haven't been going to the Windycon meetings this year, because I am Dave's number two for technical support and don't really need to be at them. But there was an ISFiC board meeting scheduled after the Windycon meeting on Friday, so I might as well be at the first meeting before the second meeting. And going to the first meeting gave me a chance to meet up for a pleasant dinner with Dave and Ange ahead of the meeting -- and there might as well be something pleasant happening on this particular Friday! :)

So we got to the meeting and near the beginning of it, Gundo announced that there was a problem with the Program Book. I asked him to talk to me about it in the breakout sessions. It turns out that there was a pretty much fatal communications problem with the person who was supposed to be doing the paper publications for the convention, so I have now volunteered (it is up to the reader to decide whether this was a foolish act or a noble act) to take up the position and get the pubs done.

From pretty much a standing start. As of Friday.

Happily, not completely a standing start, as Rick has been getting quotes from printers. Thank God.

We'll see how this goes. Mostly, however, it just needs to go. At all deliberate speed.

I chatted with several of my friends during the breakout sessions while waiting for the board meeting.

And then we had the board meeting, which had been called to deal with a specific situation.

The specific situation has been dealt with and will continue to be dealt with, because it was just too much data to be dealt with completely in one fell swoop. Vaguebooking is still required, because there are things that I am still not able to speak about directly, but the amount of ticked off that I am at the person responsible for the problem is approximately proportional to the amount of grateful that I am to the people who have gently whacked the board with a 2x4 to draw our attention to the problem.

The good news is that things are in about as good a shape as they normally are at this stage heading into the convention, so the con should be fine.

Well, except for the whole program book thing which -- in common with the previous post about last Friday's festivities -- will probably try to kill me before it's done.

But I won't let it. :)

Positive attitude! That's the ticket!

(I'm positive it's going to kill me.)

Would you cut that out!
2nd-Oct-2018 02:34 pm (UTC) - Windycon Book
I e-mailed something like this to you Monday morning, but I just got notified that mail is being flaky.

I put a few things on Google Drive that may be helpful to you putting the Windycon book together.

I think the file name on the Maps_Logos_Etc.zip is pretty self-explanatory.

If you use InDesign (which IIRC you mentioned in the past?), Books_Styles.zip has the book layout and paragraph styles (“style sheet” files) skeletons for one of the Windycon books I did, and a new silly personal project with a more limited set of paragraph styles. For programming descriptions, titles, etc. I use the “List Small” set of styles.

The book skeletons include master pages with all the margins, columns, running headers, etc. The style sheets themselves will probably be somewhat broken, since I got fed up with fonts disappearing in OS/software upgrades, and have gone to using purchased fonts almost exclusively (sales at Linotype.com ftw). OTOH, as a relic of the disappearing fonts frustration, my style sheets specifically list what each one is - name, size, leading, space before/after paragraph, etc.

If you have questions or there’s anything that I can pull out of the files in the way of images, maps, text, etc., that would be helpful, please let me know. I’m taking a couple days off next week with no particular plans if you want to toss something at me.
2nd-Oct-2018 02:51 pm (UTC) - Re: Windycon Book
Thank you! I will snag this from my computer -- the previous message is only on my phone, so I was trying to figure out how to get the data from there to here.
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