Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

It's (Paper) Baseball Season

I went over to Rich's mom's house and opened up the new paper baseball season with four games against Rich which I split 2-2, winning two extra-inning games and losing two one-run decisions. One of the games went 17 innings, which is long. Very long.

The interesting thing about playing cards and dice baseball is that -- as the manager -- you have an infinite ability to second guess yourself. Since the dice combination that you roll may have a much different result depending on who's at the plate, you can frequently be in a position where you've pinch hit the wrong player or called for the wrong play.

Today's call in the bottom of the 10th inning of the last game was one such. Juan Uribe doubled to lead off the inning. Since I only needed one run to win, having Paul LoDuca attempt to bunt him over to third seemed like a good idea. In fact, it was a good idea. And I proceeded to roll a combination of numbers that would have won the game if I'd been doing anything except bunting. But instead of a game-winning home run, LoDuca laid down a beautiful bunt single, setting up runners at first and third with no one out.

Of course, you'll feel really dumb if you don't score in that situation. Fortunately, Mark Teixeira delivered a game-winning single off the wall on the next pitch, so I didn't have to feel really dumb.
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