Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Two Things

Today, it was Saturday and I managed to get *two* things done (I think).

I spent some time trying to get my old computer to start up. This involved finding a number of cables, including the little adapter so that I could hook it up to the monitor through the KVM switch. Sadly, when I went to boot the machine up, it went into a boot loop with Windows Automatic Repair. (Which reminds me why I decided to retire the beast.) However, there were some files on the machine that didn't seem to have copied correctly to the new machine and I really wanted to get them copied over at this late date.

So I opened the box up, removed the hard drive, plugged it into a USB caddy and copied a half-dozen missing MP3s from the old drive to the new computer. Then I put everything back together and closed up the old machine while I try to consider whether it's worth spending time and money trying to revive it. (The answer is probably "yes", but I don't have anything to do with it right now, which is going to slow me down a bit on that thought.)

Later, I went down to the basement to get ready for tomorrow's recording session. This would require creating some new Cubase projects and importing WAV files recorded elsewhere. If only the computer weren't showing the black screen of death.

After several reboots, Windows decided that this update attempt had failed and it should roll back the update. Thanks, Windows! (Not for much, I think.) Then I was able to load the files without any problem. It *seems* to be working.

Assuming, of course, that Windows doesn't decide to surprise me with another failed update before tomorrow morning.

But, two! Two things done...
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