Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Experimental Ribs

I wandered over to TGI Friday for lunch last week, as they had a lunch special for a half-slab of BBQ ribs at an attractive price. I mentioned this subsequently to Gretchen who was commenting on how she'd really like to have ribs again some time.

It was shortly thereafter when I discovered that Mariano's had slabs of baby back ribs on sale. Two slabs of ribs later, I was ready to begin cooking them.

It being annoyingly cold outside, the grill was not an option. I checked the Internet and found an oven-based slow-cooking method that called for two hours at 250 degrees followed by about an hour at 350 to finish the ribs. This turned out to work really well, producing lovely, well-cooked ribs that were tender and juicy with most of the fat cooked out.

The rub recipe that I found was not quite so successful -- or, at least, it didn't meld well with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce which is what I was using for the rib glaze in the last hour. We're trying to put our finger on exactly what was wrong with the rub. Katie did not care for the small amount of cayenne in the blend; Gretchen thought the problem might have been the paprika which I bought for the occasion, as I was pretty sure that the Hungarian paprika that we had was going to be all wrong. My suspect is the Spice House chili con carne seasoning which I substituted for straight chili powder.

We have nearly a slab of ribs left over, partly because both Gretchen and Katie are under the weather. By this point in the Christmas season, we have figured out how to deal with leftovers. :)

So we'll try this again some time.

With a different rub.
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