Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Colors of You

So here's the song that I started while driving to Chambanacon (and reminding myself that it is occasionally possible to write music with your guitar without actually having your guitar in hand... :) )

Words and Music: Bill Roper
Copyright 2003

The Colors of You

You are red like the fire.
You are blue like the sea.
And your brown eyes inspire
As you’re lookin’ at me.
In the orange of autumn
Or green grass covered in dew,
You know I’m glad that I caught ‘em:
All the colors of you.

My love, you are silver. My love, you are quick.
A deep pool reflecting that leaves me inspecting the colors you pick.
In the shades of the rainbow, I find out that I knew
My life is demanding a new understanding of the colors of you.

So I look past the surface, ‘cause I’m hoping to find
In perpetual motion, like the waves on the ocean, the state of your mind.
‘Cause I’m needing the answer, are you red, green, or blue?
It’s the truth that I’m seeking if you catch me peeking at the colors of you.

In the colors of winter, in the colors of fall,
Summer or springtime might not mean a thing if I’m not watching at all.
But you shine and you sparkle in a glistening hue
As life keeps on changing and keeps rearranging all the colors of you.

In a swirl of emotion that sets my senses to reel,
From violet to red now, I hear what you said now, I know what you feel.
So if you’re feeling angry or if you’re feeling blue,
I’ll be breaking the tension with a new comprehension of the colors of you.

(Chorus, then alternate chorus)
You are green with compassion.
You are purple with shame.
And your brown eyes are flashin’
As I’m calling your name
In a new conversation
Of indeterminate hue.
It’s just my own celebration
Of all the colors of you.

It’s just my own celebration of all the colors of you.
Of all the colors of you.
Of all the colors of you.
Tags: filk, lyrics, musings

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