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Bill Roper's Journal
That Could Have Been *Much* Worse 
13th-Jan-2019 09:58 pm
So we got a couple of inches of snow across last night in our neighborhood. But it was clear and sunny today, so the girls and I pulled out the shovels and cleared the driveway and the sidewalks so that things could thaw in the sunshine. And it was good.

Much later in the afternoon, Katie and I went to the pitching clinic that her softball league is running. It was the second session and progress is being made. The session wrapped up as the rec center was closing, so the parking lot was pretty empty as we were walking across it.

As I approached the car, Katie was busily angling for ice cream and I was giving in.

When I hit the patch of black ice with my right foot.

And I felt the ligaments in my left knee start to complain.

It was almost exactly 12 years ago when I slipped on a patch of black ice in my driveway and destroyed two ligaments in my left knee. There was a momentary sense of deja vu.

And then I managed to do the *right* thing.

I let my left knee collapse and I fell down.

Fortunately, some of our friends were *also* just leaving the pitching clinic. They came by, bringing along an empty five gallon bucket from the clinic session which I was able to use to help me get up, once I moved away from the patch of ice.

And I am slightly bruised, but otherwise fine.

That could have been *much* worse.
14th-Jan-2019 05:37 am (UTC)

I remember taking a class on stage fighting, and stuff about "if you lose balance, SIT DOWN."

Then I got pregnant, some time later.

And whilst observing our current house being built, I was wandering out onto the driveway, and... ice. I felt myself losing my balance, and with splendid reflexes, sat down.

So I wound up on my back, peering up bemusedly at the crabapple branches above, and entirely unhurt. Everyone was freaking out about "pregnant person fell down!!!", of course, but I was doing more of the "oh, hey, that worked, cool" thing.

I am glad that you are also reasonably unhurt, and hope the black ice doesn't make another try for you anytime soon! (or not soon, for that matter.)
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