Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Expiration Dates

I came downstairs for dinner tonight and Gretchen let me know that the bag of Donkey Chips, a local brand of tortilla chips that we are fond of, was off. I took a sniff and the chips were definitely rancid. I couldn't find the expiration date on the package, but I had just bought them yesterday at Mariano's and -- since we needed fill-in groceries for tomorrow morning -- I went over after dinner, offending bag of chips in hand.

The fellow at the service desk managed to find the expiration date, which was 1-9-19. Now, normally you would expect that this wouldn't be a problem -- it's really just a best by date, not a completely inedible by date. But something had gone badly wrong with these chips. He agreed to exchange them, so I went by the display rack.

All of the chips in front were from the same 1-9-19 lot. But there were some May-dated chips at the back of the rack. I grabbed those, brought them home, and they were pronounced good.

I let the fellow know that there were a *lot* of expired chips on the display. I am guessing that they will be gone soon...
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