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Bill Roper's Journal
Under Pressure 
1st-Feb-2019 10:34 pm
So last week, I went down for the follow up appointment with the sleep doctor. We had a nice chat, during which I suggested that we could raise the pressure on my CPAP from 14 (which is what he had had it set to based on the new sleep study) to 16 (which is what I've been sleeping with for over 20 years). I'd been feeling a bit "air deprived", especially when I first lie down and we've already got the ramp function turned off entirely, so I get the full pressure as quickly as the machine can deliver it.

He agreed that this would be reasonable and kicked up the pressure.

According to the app that monitors my sleep with the CPAP, the number of events per hour that I experience has been better than cut in half, down to as low as one per hour on my best nights. And my worst nights seem to be less than three per hour.

This is a good thing. :)
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