Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Long Time Coming

It has been long enough since we last ran new CDs that I have made some substantial modifications to my accounting spreadsheet. It turns out that there was no place to enter CD duplication costs, so I put them under inventory expense, which seemed entirely reasonable. Except that the duplication costs *were* entered elsewhere in the spreadsheet, so this resulted in double counting them. What this did to my Cost of Goods Sold was pretty much obscene.

I have now corrected the double counting and my numbers look much more reasonable.

I am *very* close to being ready to fill out the tax forms. I just have a couple of more numbers to track down. (You should have seen me earlier this evening hunting for the missing 2017 credit card statement stack, which included the *one* credit card where I can't get the info online.)

Fingers crossed!
Tags: dodeka, home, musings, taxes

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