Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Great TV Countdown

We are heading toward the end of the season for many of the shows that we watch. Some of them are not coming back. Some are. Let's see how it looks:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (series finale tonight)
Hawaii Five-O
Supergirl (renewed for next year)
Dancing With the Stars (season over)
Magnum P.I. (season over, renewed for next year)
Happy Together (season over, almost certainly dead)
DC's Legends of Tomorrow (season just resumed, renewed for next year)
Lethal Weapon (season over, who knows?)
The Rookie
NCIS: New Orleans
Whiskey Cavalier (we like this a lot, but expect it to be canceled)
The Big Bang Theory (final season)
Young Sheldon (renewed)
Mom (renewed)
The Orville
Elementary (final season starts in May)
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (sixth season starts in May; series ends after season seven)

It looks like there are some holes opening up in our viewing schedule.

And we could really use some more sitcoms.
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