Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

No Mow

We have had the same lawn service for a great many years. We have been anxiously awaiting their arrival this spring, but it has been cold and rainy and the lawn hasn't actually needed to be dealt with (or even necessarily dry enough to be mowed), so we figured they'd be showing up soon.

In the last week or so, it has become apparent that the lawn *really* needs to be mowed and that they aren't showing up. We've tried getting in contact with them, but have had no luck.

So it is time to find a new lawn service. And it is *urgently* time to get the lawn mowed.

We had a fellow out to give us an estimate yesterday. I spent some time out in the yard picking up the debris that normally would be removed in the spring cleanup, with some help from Katie. He looked at the improved version of the yard and allowed as to how we might have a bigger set of jobs than he could deal with, so he referred us to someone else.

That someone else is coming early tomorrow morning. In preparation, I went out after dinner and just before dark with two grocery bags. One collected any remaining trash that I ran into (not much), the other collected a full bag of squeaky balls and other dog toys. The fuller the latter bag got, the more excited Ruby became.

I was *not*, however, going to be throwing any of those balls around the freshly policed yard.

I turned the bag over to Gretchen when I came in. Ruby proceeded to mug her for a half-dozen or so balls.

That dog *loves* her squeaky balls. :)
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