Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Marcon Time

Marcon had more of a rushed feeling than usual this year.

Part of it was that, despite our best efforts, we really didn't get in significantly earlier than we usually do -- but at least we weren't on the side of I-65 that was closed by the overturned tanker. We were also trying out the new rack, which was pretty good, except that it takes up a lot of the seating space when you're on a corner. I had to run to Gordy's memorial panel (which went quite well) and left daisy_knotwise to finish setting up. She came down when the Dealers' Room closed at 9:30 and we hooked up with ladyat for dinner. She'd just been stricken with Bell's palsy before flying in from Atlanta which was good only compared to the other possible causes of her symptoms. The prognosis is good, but the treatment isn't going to be a lot of fun.

We headed up to the DI Shore Leave party and sat around there talking most of the evening, Gretchen retiring before I did. And it gave me an opportunity to show off Steve Austin, the bionic guitar. (Just passing it around for demo purposes -- there was far too much conversation going on to allow for filking.)

I woke up the next morning with a nice rasp in my throat. This was worrisome, as Gretchen had spent the preceding morning coughing her lungs out. (She's on antibiotics for rosacea and they seem to have loosened up a sinus infection of long standing. This has reupped her credentials as the Phlegm Queen of the Northwest Suburbs -- formerly the Northwest Side. This is her line, not mine...) I drank a ton of fluids and seem to have fended off whatever it was. Possibly just dry hotel air.

Gretchen had woken up coughing at 7:30 though, so she asked off to go take a nap in the afternoon, which seemed like a really good idea. So I held down the fort at the table. huskiebear came by after filkertom's concert. She hadn't had lunch and Gretchen had returned, so we went down to the food court, got her some food, and caught up on things. Later, I wandered by the Art Show, where I found Dave Cockrum original X-Men art in the charity auction, badly mislabeled, and badly underpriced. I told Matt what he had, bumped the bid up to a reasonable price, and got things started in a more lucrative direction. Even if I didn't end up with the piece.

We got dinner after the Dealers' Room closed with Leslie and Steve Salaba, then I ran up and caught most of Juanita's concert. Not too long after that, it was time for the Dorsai Theme Filk, so I headed down there, while Gretchen went to help with the Capricon party. The filk went well, despite being up against another filk that Tom was hosting. We sang a great many Dorsai songs, then devolved into more normal filking, breaking up around 1:30 AM, when I decided that going to bed was the better part of valor. (Stopping only briefly to show Dorotha a few of the songs that I'm planning to put on the new album.) Gretchen had already crashed out and reported the following morning that daddy_guido's Purple Passion Punch makes a pretty good cough syrup. I noticed that I didn't hear coughing.

We both felt better the next day, but didn't really do much other than sit the table before packing up and heading back. Other dealers that we talked to said that sales were slow, which we can confirm, having counted the box. Interestingly, the con went through more than the 2000 badges they'd originally printed, so the people were apparently there, but not in the Dealers' Room.

But while we were there, there were a number of good conversations, with Dorotha and Steve B., scs_11, John, Mark O., singlemaltsilk, filkertom, huskiebear, daddy_guido, cary_lee, ladyat, bedlamhouse, catsittingstill, min0taur, filker0, spiritdance, Wulf, Kim, Mike, and many others, plus the passing in the halls sort of stuff.

But the conversations could have been longer. At least, if there had been more weekend. :)
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